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Should we self-censor?

Isn’t it funny how we’re taught not to trust ourselves with the contents of our own minds? We learn to police our own thoughts, worrying that certain ideas are beyond the pale, etc. People get churned up with guilt, worrying that thinking certain things makes them a bad person, even though they know that they’d […]

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ETO show 2015

I’ve been a tad busy with Eroticon 2015 organising but I’ve squished in some time to do a quick update on this year’s ETO show which took place at the Birmingham NEC at the end of last month. There had been plans to have an Eroticon stand this year, but those were shelved for the […]

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Kerry Stott – Eroticon 2015 speaker

Kerry Stott is an award winning mental health nurse and a complete rope addict. She has spent the last 10+ years the field of mental health participating in some of the world’s most cutting edge research in her specialist field of psychological interventions. In addition to this she has contributed to several national nursing journals […]

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